Workouts for Men Aren’t Just About Bulking Up

Feb 7th, 2011

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Workouts for Men Aren’t Just About Bulking Up


A lot of men gravitate toward fitness programs that emphasize working out with weights, and why not? The results become evident in a fairly short time, and muscle tissue burns more calories, even at rest. While there are many reasons men should work out with weights, workouts for men should also include cardio workouts and proper stretching. This ensures maximum all around fitness and helps prevent injury. At Fitness Workouts, we help guys develop workout routines that get real results.

Working Out with Weights Isn’t Enough

It is possible to have strong muscles and still lack stamina. Cardio workouts should definitely be a part of fitness programs for men. Cardio helps men burn excess fat, making muscles look that much more defined, and it also helps develop endurance and improve circulation throughout the body. Stretching properly before workouts and cooling down properly afterward are also critical to prevention of workout injuries. Working with a trainer helps you develop a comprehensive program you can live with.

Cardio Workouts and Their Benefits for Men

When your cardiac health is good, your overall health benefits, too. Not only can you prevent excess weight gain and the problems that go along with it, you can lose excess fat, improve blood glucose control, and help prevent heart disease. Problems related to excess weight include diabetes, predisposition to other diseases, and even mental stress. Being in good shape helps any medical advice your doctor gives you work even better.

Men’s Fitness Programs Should Be Well-Rounded

Working with a fitness professional can help you develop a program that maximizes physical fitness while changing things up enough to keep workout routines from becoming boring. Some men concentrate on weights on certain days and cardio on others. Others may include shorter cardio and weight programs in each workout session. The important thing is developing safe, realistic fitness programs you can commit yourself to. If you hate your workouts, you’ll stop going and lose the benefits of better fitness.

Work With a Professional to Learn Technique and Prevent Injury

If you plan to start working out with weights, don’t take chances. Work with a fitness trainer so you can learn proper technique and help prevent injuries. Develop a fitness workout schedule you can stick to, learn how to stay hydrated, and make sure your program includes cardio, weights, and proper stretching. We’ll help you find the best workout routine that’s tailored to your needs and goals.

Workouts for Women Can Be Every Bit as Demanding as Those for Men

If you hear people say that women shouldn’t work out with weights because they’ll develop big muscles like men do, don’t buy it. You will build some muscle and burn fat, but you won’t turn into Mr. Universe no matter how much you work out with weights. The truth is, the fitter your body is, the better it feels and the better it looks, whether on the beach in a swimsuit or in work clothes. At Fitness Workouts, we can help you achieve fitness results you will be proud of.

Cardio Workouts Are the Core of a Great Fitness Program

Regular cardio workouts improve stamina, lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, and help your body fight heart disease naturally. There’s a cardio workout for everyone, from slow and steady to intense and demanding. When developing a cardio program, keep your interests in mind. If you’re a very social person, fitness classes can be great. If you prefer to work out with your earbuds in and music cranked, there are many options for you, too.

Your Fitness Workout Schedule Should Be Consistent

There will be days when you feel like you’re forcing yourself to complete workout routines. While you should never work out if you’re sick, those days you just don’t want to work out are often the times when you psychologically need a workout the most. Workout programs for women give women time to take care of themselves, and that’s something too many women neglect due to demands of work and family.

Workout Routines Should Be Tailored to Your Interests

Finding fitness workout exercises you enjoy is essential to improving your fitness because you won’t stick with activities you hate. Make sure that each workout has some element that you enjoy, whether that’s swimming a certain number of laps, using weight machines, rowing, or taking a spinning class. The longer you commit to your workout routines, the easier it is to continue, and the better the results.

Prioritizing Fitness Improves Other Areas of Your Life Too

Fitness programs don’t just affect your body. They affect your attitude too. When you have more energy, a tough day at work doesn’t faze you as much. When your clothes fit great and you have strength and balance, you carry yourself with more confidence. Plus, you set a terrific example for your children. Workout programs for women not only improve physical fitness, but they also positively affect quality of life. Contact us now and let’s design the ideal workout plan for you.


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