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Dec 3rd, 2013

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I have dragged myself kicking and screaming into the 21st century and managed to merge my work website and my blog therefore from now on I will be posting at Whole Life Fitness Hopefully if you already subscribe by email the nice people at wordpress will transfer your email addresses so you will continue to receive […]

Oct 7th, 2013

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Do you know one of the best forms of exercise for your health is free?

Yes, FREE!!! and who doesn’t love a bargain? So what’s this secret exercise? Walking.  It can help transform people’s health according to The “Walking Works” report by the Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support. “Walking works. It makes people happy, keeps everyone healthy and can even save your life.”  If you have been dithering over whether to start being […]

Oct 2nd, 2013

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Exercise vs Drugs

A study (the Comparative effectiveness of exercise and drug interventions on mortality outcomes: metaepidemiological study) published recently in the British Medical Journal found that exercise could be as good as drugs for certain conditions. The conditions that were studied were secondary prevention of coronary heart disease, rehabilitation of stroke, treatment of heart failure and prevention of […]