Creating an Effective Workout Split

Aug 5th, 2013

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Creating an Effective Workout Split


From my website:
Many people try to create their own training programs and workout split and often question themselves. Many wonder if their workout split is causing over training, under training, or if their workout program is effective.

There are a few things to consider when putting together a workout program. Let’s begin to analyze some key concepts into developing your workout split.

Availability: How often can you workout? Your days of availability will dictate your workout program. The idea here is to create the most effective workout plan with your available schedule.

Your Goals: What do you want to accomplish? If you want to gain size you need more volume. If you want to get stronger you need to lift heavy. If you are just looking to burn some calories and stay healthy full body workouts might fit you best. Bottom line, pick a program that is suited to your individual goals!

Level of Experience: This is another huge factor. If you are a novice your focus should be to learn the big major movements. Those would be your vertical and horizontal pushes and pulls and squat and deadlift variations.

A second component that a novice should be aware of is core strength. Someone who is just getting into fitness needs to be able to control his or her own body. Being able to stabilize yourself is integral to your success, safety and overall achievement and development. A great exercise to start with would be a plank.

More experienced lifters can focus on increasing the intensity and volume of their training. If you fall into this category, this power point has effective templates for you as well.

48 Hours Rest Time: Remember different movements integrate similar muscles. Bench pressing integrates the front of the shoulder and triceps. Deadlifts integrate the back. All pulls integrate the back of the shoulder and traps.

This needs to be accounted for!

You need to allow for 48 hours rest when a muscle is worked. These templates take all of this into consideration and will set you up for successful rest periods.

Check out this video for further detail.

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